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Architectural Committee

Project Approval Form

Please complete this form and attach any necessary project diagrams or paint color samples (or hand-deliver non-electronic diagrams/samples to an Architectural Committee member). By clicking the “Submit” button at the end, this form will be emailed to the Architectural Committee members. You will need the approval of three of the five Committee members. You should receive a response from the Committee within 14┬ádays of submission.

The CC&Rs outline the criteria used to approve submitted plans. Factors such as construction materials, colors, and the impact on the view of other Lots are considered. Uniformity of appearance and blending in with the neighborhood are the most essential criteria. The complete criteria are covered in Article 3 of our CC&Rs.

Approval of your plans by the Architectural Committee does not constitute any warranty that such plans are of sound engineering design, or that they comply with the governmental laws and codes, including setbacks and Pierce County building permits (CC&R sec. 3.3). You, as Homeowner, are responsible to comply with all local regulations.